Zone 1

Zone 1 is the largest of the six zones of the Nová Zbrojovka [New Arsenal] area and it occupies the northern part of the former Zbrojovka Brno compound. The northern and western boundaries of the area are formed by the River Svitava while the eastern boundary is determined by the railway corridor. Zone 1 incorporates two original industrial buildings, marked, out of respect for the place’s history, for later refurbishment and adaptation to serve as office buildings and drivers of further development within Zone 1.

The assignment for all approached architects included the requirement to preserve the two buildings, suitably supplement the area with new office and leisure-time facilities including associated services, propose adequate parking provisions, determine an area for a modern energy facility supplying the whole area, and preserve previously proposed flood defences. Another major aspect of the zone’s development was the proposal for a road corridor crossing the River Svitava to link up with the planned Nová Dukelská street on the one hand and other traffic nodes connecting Nová Zbrojovka to Markéty Kuncové, Lazaretní, and Gargulákova streets and Baarovo embankment on the other.

Submitted studies for Zone 1 – office and light manufacture premises

At the bottom of this page you can vote for your favourite architectural study and add your own comments and suggestions regarding the final look of the area.

All suggestions will be examined closely and reviewed by experts. The reviews will inform recommendations for adjustments of the Nová Zbrojovka project developed by investor CPI Property Group.

Visualisations of the proposed designs are on display at Brno City Hall at Zelný trh 331/13, on the building’s ground floor. The display is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Design 1 - Jakub Cigler architekti, a.s.

Jakub Cigler architekti, a.s.

Green axes with pavilions and restaurants, plus an aboveground parking facility

Refurbished historical buildings “Industra” and “Prospera” blend into the development by means of two integrative elements stretching across the compound: green axes with pavilions and restaurants flowing into a park on the Svitava riverfront and a multimodal boulevard opening up the compound on its northern side.

Adequate parking is provided by means of an aboveground facility operated by a commercial partner. The geometry of generous public spaces builds on block-design building development in adjacent areas while tree-lined streets create a dignified gateway into the locality.



Spaces for work, networking and intergenerational meetings

Zbrojovka Valley is the answer to the question of “How should a modern neighbourhood combining employment opportunities in modern technologies and IT with housing and services work?” Two preserved historical buildings “Prospera” and “Industra” see a flexible structure rise around them providing the area with places for work, research activities and light manufacturing, supplementary services, amenities, sports facilities and rental housing.

The urbanistic solution is based on the preservation of the area’s existing orthogonal structure to create public spaces that bring together work, domestic life, creative industries and education. Existing residential properties along the compound’s north side are supplemented in the park on Baarovo embankment with a retirement home and preschool.

Design 3 - EA architekti s.r.o.

EA architekti s.r.o.

Social life, housing and working in harmony with nature

A new river canal flows through the middle of the compound connecting the refurbished historical building “Industra”, public areas and greenery throughout the location.

We propose a composite urban system, a basis for a working whole sustainable over time and providing diverse social environments. Homogenous urban residential blocks define streets while high-rise buildings are situated near the canal and public spaces. The buildings are designed for combined use with commercial and office spaces, car parks and services on the lower levels and residential properties above. A quiet area adjacent to the river will mostly contain a residential development comprising of family houses and villas while the embankment will serve as a relaxation zone.

Design 4 - Pelčák a partner architekti

Pelčák a partner architekti

Attractive housing in a group of “dancing villas”

We propose to erect a “municipal” bridge as a continuation of Svitavská street as that will provide a direct link to the municipal ring road and allow for an immediate construction of a trolley-bus line passing through the area. The block design of the building construction will be supplemented along the northern and western boundaries with an embankment whose nature-approximating space will feature loosely grouped detached dwellings – “rental villas”. These will take up the line determined by “Beranka” with loft housing and spread out in the north into a scattered group of properties “animated” by the meandering river. This section thus provides an alternative to preservation of the low, sprawling factory hall (Industra) whose restoration for new functional utilisation we see as quite problematic.

We consider the river’s meander to be the most appealing part of the riverfront due to both the high quality of development on the opposite bank (romantic industrial motifs) and the close proximity of the new municipal bridge connecting the area to Husovice and providing the shortest route to tram lines to the city centre. That is why we propose to place in this area the most attractive housing in a group of “dancing villas” and a residential block opening wide towards the river.

Zone 2

Zone 4

Zone 4

Zone 6

Zone 6 is located in the south-eastern part of the territory and is spatially defined by the railway corridor from the east, the planned backbone transport link of the extended Šámalova street from the west and the south of Lazaretní street.

The territory aims to offer and supplement public and leisure services, to solve the connection to Zábrdovice swimming pool, Židenice railway station, the Military Hospital and to supplement the buildings of the nearby shopping zone. Within this zone, close participation is expected with the general public and representatives and organisations of the City of Brno. Also, in the future, the zone may partially respond to the development needs of the whole territory in relation to the development of the real estate market and lifestyle.

Processed studies Zone 6 - public space

At the end of this page, you can vote for the study that relates to you the most and add your own opinions and suggestions on what you would welcome in the public space.

All suggestions will receive due attention and expert judgment.

The visualizations for this zone are exposed for public from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 at the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno at Zelený trh 331/13, on the ground floor of the building.


Design 1 - TheBüro


Sports and leisure building accessible directly from Zábrdovice spa

A useful amphibian – characterises the Büro concept in the Zone 6.

It will consist of Shopping floor, two floors, and on the fourth floor up to 9000 m2 of physical activity space from table tennis to an indoor pool with wellness and fitness centre. Beyond the artificial waves and across the bridge leads to the Zábrdovice spa situated opposite. The iconic functionalist area by Prof. Bohuslav Fuchs will acquire a new impulse in the form of a supplementary sports and leisure programme.

The roof of the proposed building is open to all who want to run or just play petanque within the sports field. Evening volleyball, floorball or just talk to friends – additionally there will be two pair gyms each with a view of Brno which will be there all year round.

Design 2 - Arch.Design, s.r.o.

Arch.Design, s.r.o.

Sports hall and administrative, office building with with a shopping parterre

An exceptional environment will be created after the opening of the southeast corner of the converted Zbrojovka area near Lazaret Street.

This new block is defined by the Zábrdovice swimming pool, the Brno-Židenice railway station, Šámalova street and the new Zeta square, providing the area with the highest leisure equipment.

For the development a free composition of two buildings of varying heights were selected - the sports hall, the administrative and office buildings with a shopping parterre. The buildings construction and form allow to spatially define important public spaces. Additionally, the design sufficiently preserves large open areas in front of the swimming pool and the railway station offering comfortable public spaces with greenery between buildings. All spaces blend together, which, along with the quality of the parterre, offers people attractive opportunities for work and living.

Design 3 - Kuba & Pilař architekti, s.r.o.

Kuba & Pilař architekti, s.r.o.

Hotel, multipurpose hall and outdoor sports area

Along Lazaret street there is a multipurpose hall, which is connected to the high-rise building of the hotel in the western part of the zone.

Buildings are connected by a two-storey base with an internal passage. The multipurpose hall is designed for sports and social events and should also be used as a public social area of the Brno-Židenice district. Components within the hall consist of smaller halls and facilities.

The park area in the northern part of the zone is designed for leisure activities by residents and the public. There are outdoor sports facilities and a gym. The main pedestrian trail runs through Židenice station via the square and along Svitava river.


We want to know your opinion

On the twenty-hectare brownfield in the wider centre of Brno there is a new district. We are welcoming all citizens of Brno the opportunity to discover and discuss this new district. Here, on the website, we will publish architectural studies of potential use over the next nine months. Vote for the design study that relates to you the most and via online from express your ideas to the final form of Nová Zbrojovka area.


The large district where the new urban area will emerge will be gradually rejuvenated. Therefore, the site is divided into six classified zones.

Probable use of zones

  • - Office buildings
  • - Residential areas
  • - Shopping areas
  • - Space for light manufacturing
  • - Public spaces for leisure activities

Architectural studies

The architectural design was commissioned by several architectural offices, which sent studies of possible use of individual zones.

These introductory studies will be discussed in the coming months between the investor, the City of Brno, the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno, the professional and lay public and potential future tenants.

Your opinion

Once you have selected a zone, you can vote for the design study that relates to you the most, you can also add your own opinions and suggestions on what you would like to welcome into the zone.

All suggestions will receive due attention and expert judgment.